About Us

Never Settle is a Brooklyn-born streetwear brand that speaks both to the meaning of life and the timelessness of style. Like many lifestyle brands, it was not sought after but emerged serendipitously. At its inception it was solely tied to The Standard Grooming Co., but it has since taken on a life of its own.

The name and message are as simple as they are complex: Never Settle. Two words that lack impact on their own but, when placed side by side, are the driving force that all of us need both in our most amazing moments and on the days when we want to accept less than we deserve. As a brand it takes that impact a step further; It does not only remind the wearer to strive for greater – it encourages that same self-determination from those who happen to pass by you on subway, in the airport, or in the office.

These classic designs are made with quality materials and can be purchased at The Standard Grooming Co. (96 Knickerbocker Ave #115, Brooklyn, NY 11237) or online at www.shopneversettle.com..